domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2014

`Brazil 4D' atracao do stand da BROADCOM na CES/Las Vegas

Andre Barbosa Filho - PhD – EBC-Brazil
5th, Jan- Convergence and Interativity of Digital Platforms

Brazil does not just chose the ISDB-T, when the adoption of a system of Digital TV. The country made a collaborative effort with the Universities and Research Centres that would provide answers to your deployment needs. Actions of these great ideas are born, among these, the Ginga, the middleware that interfaces transport layers, modulation and coding with the content. This contribution, which is responsible for displaying audiovisual and dynamic interactivity with return channel, set up in the technological basis for the proof of concept of the Interactive Digital TV conducted under the coordination of EBC, with the participation of universities, 12 private companies and World Bank in Joao Pessoa in Paraiba in 2013 and the Federal District in 2014. A program that allows digital inclusion through full interactivity, access to audiovisual content and applications with use of 3G mobile services as a return channel. This is Brazil 4D.

January, 05th- 16:00PM/18:00AM ROOM 16 – Languages: portuguese/ english Exhibition & Consumption Brazil 4D Mod.: Andre Barbosa Filho –Session overview: Stand BROADCOM – CES,Las Vegas

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